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Requesting a JIRA Project

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2015 04:31PM UTC

OpenMRS uses Atlassian's JIRA for issue (bug) tracking at Community-developed modules and projects are welcome to use OpenMRS JIRA to manage their issues.

If you'd like to be considered for a new hosted JIRA project, please gather the following information and create a new help desk case.

  1. Project Name:Free-text JIRA project name that appears in the JIRA interface. Please don't include "OpenMRS" as the first word in the project name.
  2. Proposed Project Key: JIRA assigns a permanent, short, uppercase "key" for each project. This key unique across all our projects, and is used as the prefix for every issue in your project. Examples include ID, MOD, HR, TB, etc. Your key should be as short as possible while symbolizing the name of your project. See our list of JIRA projects for current project keys.
  3. Project Lead: The name and OpenMRS ID for the person who is overseeing or assuming primary ownership of the project. This person will be able to administer the project within JIRA, looking after the project's permissions, notifications, workflow, issue types, etc.; If you are requesting a new project, there's a good chance this person is you.
  4. Project URL: A web address where a wiki page or other support information for this specific project is maintained.
  5. Project Description: One or two sentences that describe the project/module.
  6. Project Approvers: A list of names and OpenMRS IDs for developers who should be in the project "approvers" role. Approvers have additional permissions within the project beyond other developers – e.g., permission to approve code reviews. The Project Lead can modify this list.
  7. Project Developers: In most cases, this can be the group "jira-users", which allows any OpenMRS developers to contribute to the project. Otherwise, this is a list of names and OpenMRS IDs for developers who can work on the project. The Project Lead can modify this list.
  8. Issue Types: Choose between Standard (bug, new feature) or Extended (bug, new feature, task, sub-task).
  9. Repository Path: Please provide a path to your code's repository on Subversion, GitHub, etc.

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